What will I learn?

Learn how to prepare your body and mind for labour and birth. Prepare for the most comfortable, positive experience of birth possible by learning hypnotherapy and mindfulness techniques including relaxation, breathing and positive visualisation.

Learn how to help your body to release natural endorphins during childbirth, which replace the stress hormones that usually cause pain.

Release fear and replace negative expectations and preconceptions with a sense of positivity and empowerment.

Learn to trust your body, your instinct and your baby.

When should I start?

You can start classes anytime during your pregnancy – there’s no such thing as being too prepared!  Most people aim to start by twenty weeks so that there is lots of time to listen to the audio recordings and practice the techniques learned in class.

If you’re already nearing the end of your pregnancy, one or two private classes will still be of benefit – every little helps!

Where are classes held?

Classes take place in the Ayrfield Medical Centre, Kilkenny or in a city centre hotel depending on the numbers attending.  Group sessions and private classes are available.  Four classes (up to two and a half hours each) complete the course.

Classes are designed for mothers and their partners, and it’s important that you both attend each class.  These classes are unique in that they prepare dads for birth too!

What materials will I get?

Upon enrolment, you will be given access to your first Hypnobirthing audio file.  All course materials will be provided; each couple will receive a copy of The Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves, a number of audio files and a comprehensive folder of notes.

How much will it cost?

Group classes are €125 per class, or €390 for the entire course if paid in advance.  Private classes are €150 per class, or €490 for the entire course if paid in advance.